Yakama Nation Higher Education & Adult Vocational Training Program Mission

Ttnúwit atawish nch’inch’imami ku skuulitpamá 

Pakutkutshanash Anwíkt 1-4: Yakmumamí tamánwit tmíyuni skuulitmí túuski kútkut-10 anwíkt tɨmnátk’i wítima.  The Fiscal Year 2021 mission coincides with the Higher Education’s “Plan of Operations” as approved by the Yakama Nation Tribal Council and revised on July 2, 2013 (T-111-13) and the “Yakama Nation Comprehensive Education Plan – 10 year vision chart” approved by the Yakama Nation Tribal Council Resolution T-032-18 and ratified by Yakama Nation General Council Motion GCM-09-2018.

To provide financial  scholarships, academic advising and employment counseling assistance to eligible tribal members to attend and graduate from accredited post-secondary institutions of their choice, thereby achieving the opportunity to gain meaningful employment with the Yakama Nation or entity of their choice in their chosen field(s) of study.

Statement of Work 

Yakama Nation Higher Education & Adult Vocational Training administers the largest tribal run scholarship and vocational training program in the Pacific Northwest, providing under one administration:

  • Yakama Nation Tribal Scholarship Program, 
  • BIE Higher Education Grant, 
  • BIE Adult Vocational Training Grant, and 
  • ALL Yakama Enterprise & Program Scholarships.

The overlapping, yet different, regulations governing each program, one based upon financial need and one based upon academic achievement, call for a single administration with one set of goals, objectives, policies and procedures. This plan is designed to provide:

  • Equitable access to information, both financial and academic
  • A fair process of application for students in vocational training programs, colleges, and universities
  • Professional supervision of student follow up and educational tracking

The result should improve the service in support of higher education among the Yakamas and make improved efficiency in use of funds. 

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Higher Education Programs Plan of Operation 


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